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Philip C. Barker is a military historian and the author of the WRG wargames rules and army lists as well as several books. He has been active since 1968 and is still working. His autobiography may be seen here. Prototypes of the sets currently under development may be also seen here and enthusiasts are encouraged to play test games and report on their experiences. He welcomes feedback from these tests, so please contact him at his email address, pc.barker@blueyonder.co.uk.

His books include "Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome", "Alexander the Great's Campaigns" and the "Airfix Guide to Ancient Wargaming" (usually known as the "Purple Primer"). In addition, it is now possible to see a number of Phil's published articles,mainly from the 1980s, such as "In Defence of Toy Soldiers" (claiming that in some circumstances wargaming with miniatures can be MORE realistic than other methods of simulation) or "The Rule Writer's Point of View" (although written in the mid 1980s, many of the points are still relevant) and an account of his visit to Australia in 1984 "War Gaming in Australia". In addition, you may see one of the great wargaming verses "Seti on the Flank" by Tom McMillan - a sad story which will be familiar to anyone whose plan has relied heavily on the arrival of a flank march.

Current Projects.

Despite problems with ill-health, Phil is continuing to work on his various projects. In February 2016, he started work on a new edition (Version 2.0) of HORSE, FOOT & GUNS with rules and army lists to extend the period to 1925. Progress is slow but he will persevere and do as much as he can. When he has a version available for playtesting, it will be shown here. Other current projects include:-

De Bellis Velitum a set of rules for small scale games

DAMN BATTLESHIPS AGAIN, a prototype set of wargames rules for pre-dreadnought naval battles between 1890 and 1913.

"Subs and SAMs", a VERY early prototype of a set of modern naval rules.

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